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After years and years of either driving or flying to our vacation location throughout the US I was able to take our love of vacationing and turn it into a career. My wife and I have always planned our vacations ourselves, optimizing our time to see as much as possible. We have a habit of doing themed vacations: wineries, historic places, theme parks or the one I like the best is “wonder what we can find here”. We finally decided to visit a Caribbean island. This decision changed the way we looked at vacationing. There is a whole new world to explore.

With retirement looking me in the eyes, I needed something to occupy my time, I was too young to rock away the day in a rocking chair. After much research and thought I decided to help other people plan their dream vacations. CruiseOne was my first choice in learn what the travel industry was about, so we went with it, great decision. CruiseOne focus was cruising, a new form of vacationing for me. My first cruise hooked me on cruising.  We take cruises as often as we can now, but we still love land vacations.

Let’s fast forward a few years, CruiseOne decided to expand their focus on land vacations. To do this they created a new brand “Dream Vacations”. They allowed current CruiseOne agents to rebrand to Dream Vacations. Now I can focus on Vacations not just cruises, that was what I wanted to do from the beginning.

Thank you for visiting my website and feel free to give me a call at 239-204-2200 or email me at and we can plan your next vacation to some pace you have never been before.

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Curt Leming


Curt Leming Travel - Dream Vacations


Curt Leming did an amazing job in securing our complete vacation package for the lowest possible price. Every single aspect of our trip was taken care of to smallest detail and everything was executed perfectly. I would recommend his servive to anyone, no matter what type of vacation desired.

Anthony Tomie, Naples FL (Royal Princess, 5/17)

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